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About Me

Hey! I'm Kajal

I'm glad you're here :P 


Do you believe in magic?

I do! 

Magic of words. 

But all words are not meant for everyone! The right words, at the right words, to the right person, need to be delivered.

This is exactly what I do!


Who am I?

I completed my education in finance years back. 

But, the writer inside me took over my professional life and passion in no time. 

I've always taken a keen interest in marketing and storytelling. In years, I realized that the three skills (Marketing + Storytelling + Writing) can help businesses rise to an elevating height. 

Lemme tell you something, I'll love to work as a team, and I believe we can grow together tremendously.


If you think we can make an unbreakable team 🔥 with your product and my words, grab a Cup of coffee ☕ and meet me at your best place. 

Meet you on the other side 👩🏽‍💻

Ciao for now 💌

Kajal Agarwal | Copywriting & Content Marketing Services

Organized and Efficient

Kajal is a great writer and editor, she did a wonderful job for me. She was able to deliver the content within 24 hours, and it was perfectly done!

I would recommend her to anyone who needs quality work done.

Sarlognki, Founder of coolwe

Let’s Start Working Together!

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